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Plugging Ahead

October 19, 2007

I think it’s amazing how creating ideas inspires you to create other ideas.  I added just over 1,000 words to my Shadowgrove story for the 70 Days project and had a couple more ideas that just had to be started.  One is a modern fantasy and the other is a futuristic story which may or may not turn into fantasy or science fiction.

You can see my progress in these stories on the sidebar to the right, so I won’t add the redundant data here, but the whole thing has me working on new ideas for weblogs that I can research, write, and publish for other authors so that my experiences are added to the collective at the same time that I’m using those of others.

Right now, I’m working on the outline and/or thesis of a weblog that I’m going to entitle “Receiving the Muse” all about grabbing influences and ideas from the mundane around you.  Something as simple as spilled flour on the counter can give me ideas (and has recently), so I want to explore that idea a little, perhaps research the inspirational process of other authors and make a post on it.

If you’re a writer and you have a special way for “Receiving the Muse,” then comment here or contact me directly so that I can include you in my, um, study?  Yeah.

In addition to that, I think that I may start working on my remaining 50 character traits, provide a different look at character sketching, provide a few sketches, and then a brief one on coming up with enticing names for characters (mundane, futuristic, or fantasy).


Writing Challenge: Day Three

October 18, 2007

Well, I’m still not really happy with the first four pages because I don’t think they start as quickly as I’d like the story to, BUT I am really into the next six that have been poured from the leaky pitcher that is my imagination.  The story and characters are already starting to take some form even this early in the composition.  That makes me happy.  I feel like I’ve really stepped into them and I enjoy living vicariously through my characters.

Okay, so when I stopped writing on the third day (my days are different than yours because I work third shift), I ended at 3,001 words.  That’s friggen cool.  I’m happy for it.  It’s a lot to have done in three days of a seventy day challenge especially when I started a day late.

I’m contemplating whether to stay on track with just this story or work on some of my other  unfinished stories.  Well, my brother is here, so I’m gonna take off.