I’m a science fiction/fantasy author with one complete (yet unsold) title under my belt and several other works in progress.  I live in the Midwest (yay for lower cost of living!) and I am nearly 7 years married with a delightful three-year-old son.  I am also a semi-professional musician and a student of computer science at Indiana/Purdue University Fort Wayne.

I’ve started this weblog here to help track and promote my writing in addition to getting into the delightful market that is weblogging.  I happen to disdain the term “blog” and I fairly well refuse to use it, so weblog is my preferred mode of travel.  Anyhow, as I think of more to tell you all about me, I will, but right now I’m just getting started.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back soon!

Anthony Owens


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