Scenes from a Hat Contest

December 19, 2008

Okay, friends. I think that I have a couple of regular readers now, and since I have about a whole month’s worth of Scenes from a Hat installments you, I thought that maybe it was time to do a contest and shake things up a bit. Some of these scenes have done very well regarding comments and page views, but sadly, the best was not even one I wrote. I don’t know what that says.

Anyhow, here’s the deal. Post a comment here to vote for your favorite Scene from a Hat that I authored, and I’ll take that scene and turn it into a story of at least 10k words. From the winning Scene, I’ll randomly choose one of the people who voted for that scene. You get to have a character in the story, and some say in what he or she does. On top of that, I’ll be giving away a $10 gift certificate to a store to be chosen later.

You will have until January 8 to place your vote here, and these are your available choices:

If you haven’t read them, please do, and place your vote as a comment here. The personalized story winner will be chosen at random from all the names who voted for that Scene from a Hat, and the gift certificate winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

Thank you, and have a Happy Holidays!



  1. Sorry I haven’t voted yet! I vote for Insurgents!

  2. I like Rejection, Anthony. All the scenes are well written, but Rejection has a special beauty to it. Well done!

  3. Heh, they’re well edited. Thank you, Faith and Jambrea. I gotta promote this contest. I’ve been slacking.

  4. Flagellation.


  5. They were all interesting but my vote is for Rejection.

  6. My vote is for Rejection.

  7. My vote is Flagellation. It struck me as the most powerful story of the four. I think it has great potential to be expanded.

    Carpe Noctem,

    Desirée Lee
    Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

  8. I choose Flagellation. I was watching Manswers last night and they were discussing how spanking makes people amorous due to the pudendal nerves in the lower back. I have to admit, it made me curious. *grin*


  9. Oh….I loved rejection, very nice.


  10. Flagellation. Very much liked this one.

  11. Okay I have to go with Rejection also it was good!!!
    Trinity Blacio

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