Scenes from a Hat: Insurgent

December 1, 2008

Scenes from a Hat: Insurgent

by Anthony Owens
Editor: M. E. Ellis

Silence roared in the night, so loud that Brenn found it difficult to concentrate on his own thoughts. He knew that daybreak held a wicked truth. Comfort came in the cold hours of an early November morning. He checked his pack. Yes, I still have enough ammunition to provide cover for myself to get over to that store.

Brenn reframed the situation and thoughts pounded against the inside of his skull with pulsating force. He braced himself in preparation for the fusillade that lurked just behind the next moment. He moved his hand from the barrel of his weapon, down to his hip, and searched for the small box attached to his belt. The button depressed under his worn and calloused finger.

“Alpha One, this is Foxtrot One. Do you copy?”

Static rippled in the tiny earpiece. “Affirmative, Foxtrot One, this is Alpha One. What’s your twenty?”

Brenn moved his head less than he dared and utilized his peripheral vision. “Alpha One, I’m at the intersection of State Blvd. and Crescent Ave. All of Foxtrot Team is dead. I’m seeking cover, but I’m surrounded. Please advise.”

No sound issued from the blasting weapons that flashed all around. Something—or someone, Brenn conceded—found a way to muffle or eliminate the propagation of sound waves through the air. Brenn heard his breathing, heard the friction of his clothing ruffling, and heard the minor sounds of things close to him, but anything beyond this point-blank range failed due to an unknown suppression.

His earpiece crackled again, and Brenn strained to hear the commander on the other side of the transmission. “Foxtrot One, you are advised to seek shelter in the chocolate store on the northeast side of the intersection. Omega Team is entering the zone.”

Brenn closed his eyes, took a single deep breath, and raised his weapon before darting across the street. He held down the trigger, and bright green bolts of energy blazed from the rifle’s muzzle. Similar beams tore through the air and blew bits of concrete as they impacted with buildings nearby. Brenn returned fire, ran in a crouch toward the front window of the chocolate shop, and barreled forward through the pane of glass. The sound of the breaking window audible, bits hitting the ground maintained the muffled sound all around him.

Fragments and shards rained down around him, but Brenn ignored them and ducked into a dive-roll through the shop’s lobby. He stole his way behind the counter and waited. Brenn held tight to his secure position. Moments later, a torrent of sound struck him with palpable force. Omega Team must be on the scene.

Soon, bodies flew through the air, landing in crunching thuds that prompted shudders and winces from Brenn. Three figures wearing dark uniforms marched down the street looking for others. Brenn pressed the talk button. “Alpha One, confirmed Omega Team on site. Insurgents all dead. Over and out.”

Brenn peered over the counter, stealing a furtive glance at the team walking toward his cover point. Two men, one woman, the Omega Team walked with confidence, and Brenn saw no sign of fear. Warriors surged from between the buildings, out of their doorways, and from behind vehicles and various cover. The woman opened her nostrils wide, puckered her lips, and sucked in a massive breath. In one orchestrated motion her companions did the same, turned around, and the three of them created a wedge. In unison, all three released the focused air from their lungs sending people, cars, mailboxes, and debris flying in all directions.

Yes, the Omega Team had arrived.



  1. Loved this!!! You are very good at flashing sweetie!

  2. Thanks a bundle, miss Traxx. I appreciate the comment and compliment!

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