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Cocktail Reviews: Sanguine Moons

November 24, 2008

Bloody Mary has graciously given Sanguine Moons a 5 flutes review on Cocktail Reviews.  I’ve tossed the idea of continuing Weston’s story, or visiting him somewhere before Sanguine Moons, but dismissed it.  This reviewer’s request of more, echoed by those of my other readers, may just bring Weston back to the page again.  With this story releasing in just two weeks from Wild Child Publishing, I better get to work!

Bookmark this page to buy Sanguine Moons on December 9, 2008.  It won’t go live until then, but keep your pointer hovering!  🙂


Scenes from a Hat: Rejection

November 13, 2008

Scenes from a Hat: Rejection

by Anthony Owens
Editor: M. E. Ellis

Her breath eased into the night, and the covers fell over her in toasty supplication. She danced through dreams of starry nights and warm summer breezes, but the chill of the autumn moon winds raced across her exposed skin. He crawled into the bed beside her, and she dreaded his touch. Don’t. Just don’t. Her thoughts wandered to a place overcast with doubt, suspicion, and mistrust. Please, don’t touch me. I don’t want you. You know I don’t. Just leave me alone. She breathed heavy with anger and anxiety. He pulled up the covers and draped them over his warm body, but the cold air attacked her, and her feet fell prey to the frigid air.

“Hey, baby. I love you.”

He wrapped his leg around her, snuggled close, draped his arm over her belly, and nuzzled his mouth against her neck with a soft and pleasant kiss. She didn’t answer him. His hand slipped beneath her nightshirt and just under her supple breasts, and she knew beyond doubt that within seconds his wretched hands would be on her nipples.

Just stay off me. Go away.

He moved in closer. She abhorred his warmth and thickness pressed against her thigh. She just wanted him to roll over and go to sleep. She wanted him to leave her alone. His breath emptied any thoughts of love or lust from her body, and his fingers drained sensuality from her skin. She once loved him, lusted after him, but no more.

“Jas, come on baby, roll over.”

She pretended to be asleep, but she knew that he could tell she was awake. Her skin still responded to his touch, despite her efforts to force it into calm. The subterfuge broke, and hiding no longer seemed possible. Her eyes opened slowly, and she turned to face him.

“No, Alan. I don’t want you. Leave me alone.”


Sanguine Moons Release: December 9, 2008

November 12, 2008

I have the official release date from Wild Child Publishing. If you’re here and you looked at this, you already know that it’s December 9, 2008. I have good word from my editor that it will be priced at $1.99, but this is not confirmed. So, I say to you, enjoy this blurb and excerpt from Sanguine Moons, then wait about a month. . .and BUY IT! It’s $2.00. And, you love me. I’ll buy you a drink if I see you!

Weston thought he was just a rancher, but when one of his co-workers runs into trouble on the job, he finds that he’s so much more. Twin moons, Iris and Bliss, threaten him with the sun’s wicked reflection, and Weston discovers that he will never look at cattle the same.

An Excerpt:

“Morris, we gotta get the rest of these cattle ready or Mr. Orren is gonna fire us or worse.” Weston kicked at the dirt, buried his hands in his pockets, and stared at the ground, slowly turning his shoulders back and forth. “I can’t afford that, and neither can you.”

“But you ain’t got to get all bent up outta shape about it, Wes. I’m tellin’ you, boy, there’s plenty a time left in the night to get those filthy animals ready, an’ I’m right in the middle of my break.”

Morris brought his extended leg up into a bent knee, and a bit of dirt swirled around his fluid motion. He tipped his hat back, and the silver reflection of his narrow eyes glinted with the moonlight. Weston’s jaw clenched. His fingers curled up into vicious fists, and thick sweat formed on his brow, under his arms, and in the middle of his chest. His already moist shirt now stuck to him with perspiration and the relentless dust of the ranch.